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Running a business is never easy – you need to manage your finances tactfully for a profitable outcome. Mayra Ghosh & Associates L.L.P. , a firm of Chartered Accountants, specialises in a wide range of Accounting and Management services that aim to provide customized solutions to your unique business needs.

Our accounting services are committed to delivering accurate financial statements that will cater to your business growth. At Mayra Ghosh & Associates L.L.P., we help you handle your accounting services – financial records, bookkeeping, business expenses, Management Information System with special monitoring on driving factors and financial development – so that you can minimize the risks of costly mistakes. With professional financial and accounting assistance, you can grow your brand with dedicated effort. Whether you are a small start-up or an established business, you can leverage valuable strategies to restructure your business company’s financial stability. 

We provide long term Income Tax strategic planning based on your business dynamics as well as maintain records and represent your organisation with various government agency to take care short term need including Goods and Service Tax (GST) matter.

We do liaison with various financial institutions depend on your borrowing need.  


Mayra Ghosh Associates L.L.P. offers premium quality taxation services at competitive prices. Our taxation services are tailored to fit your business requirements. We can assist you with an objective financial assessment to help you choose the best solution for your financial situation. We also maintain records and represent your organisation and solve all queries related to Goods and Service Tax (GST) matter.


Bookkeeping services are responsible for maintaining business books accurately. At Mayra Ghosh Associates L.L.P., we aim to record your financial transactions and maintain your books to track transactions and develop financial records. We help you keep your books and help you negotiate your bank accounts, post your sales and manage invoices.


Professional auditing services go a long way in helping you analyze your financial information. Auditing holds the key to accurate evaluations of your financial records. Our accounting services will let you handle your economic issues with ease and efficiency. In addition, we focus on developing accurate reports to improve the growth opportunities of your company.

Management Accounting

Management Accountancy services will allow you to develop insight into your finances. We can provide you with digestible information that will accelerate your business growth. With the correct analysis of financial reports, you can decide how to run your business efficiently to maximize your profit. Also, we assist you in understanding your finances, develop unique management information system (MIS) based on driving factors of your business, so that you can make better business decisions.

Fund Arrangement

If you want to grow your business, you need to source fund at a most competitive rate depend on your strategic requirement. We do analysis of your business need and arrange fund from Indian and international sources to maximise Return on Investment.

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